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CAR PRICE SKY HIGH: Customer surprised to see Uber Copter fares CHEAPER than Uber X and Pool service

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

An Uber customer was surprised to see a HELICOPTER as the cheapest option available to them after looking for a trip to New York’s JFK International Airport.

The surprised traveller opened up the Uber app to find the Copter option costing $101.39 which was nearly $25 CHEAPER than a standard Uber X car.

Even more surprising was that the Copter was cheaper than Uber’s Pool service which allows customers to share a car with strangers to split the bill.

Uber first announced ‘Uber Copter’ back in July 2019.

Uber Copter is usually available for booking between Monday through to Friday from 2-6pm ET, for trips between Manhattan and JFK International Airport.

Most passengers get picked up or dropped off anywhere in Manhattan below 110th Street. There are also additional areas in Brooklyn that may be booked for pick up or drop off.

If a rider's journey starts and ends within Uber’s designated zone, they’ll see the Copter option in their Uber app.

The surprised Uber user Perc Franklin said: “Why the f**k is the Uber Helicopter the cheapest option.”


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