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Cardiff Council approves new taxi card payment policy starting in September

Cardiff Council has approved a mandate that will require all Hackney Carriages to accept card payments, changing the way passengers hail a ride.

The initiative, spearheaded by the council's Licensing Department following a public consultation, looks set to mark the end of the road for cash-only cabs in the Welsh capital.

The consultation, which canvassed opinions from both the taxi trade and the general public, revealed a strong preference for the introduction of mandatory card payment facilities. With 952 responses gathered, the overwhelming majority of the public voiced their frustrations over the current cash-only system, highlighting the inconvenience and potential safety concerns it poses.

Under the new policy, all Hackney Carriages in Cardiff will be required to carry an electronic payment device capable of processing both debit/credit card and contactless transactions. Visa and MasterCard payments will be the minimum requirement, ensuring widespread accessibility and convenience for passengers. Additionally, taxis must display clear signage indicating the acceptance of card and contactless payments, and no additional fees for card transactions will be passed onto customers.

The council anticipates no financial implications for itself from this move. However, taxi proprietors will face initial costs for purchasing card payment devices and will incur transaction fees. Despite this, the increased trade resulting from the convenience of card payments is expected to offset these expenses.

The policy’s report called for a thoughtful review of the public and trade responses to the online survey, urging the adoption of card and contactless payment facilities across all Hackney Carriages.

The Cardiff Council Public Protection Committee approved the proposal on 13 March. These new measures will be implemented from 1 September 2024, providing ample time for taxi operators to comply.


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