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Cardiff taxi drivers protest as council lifts cap on taxis permitted to work in the city

Cardiff taxi drivers took to the streets in protest after Cardiff Council lifted the cap on the number of hackney vehicles permitted to operate in the city.

The demonstration held yesterday saw drivers expressing their concerns about the potential impact of this decision on their livelihoods.

The protest, organised by Unite Wales, began at 9.30am outside County Hall in Cardiff. Taxi drivers from across the city came together to voice their concerns and demand that their livelihoods be protected.

Removing the cap on hackney vehicles has been a contentious issue within the taxi industry. Opponents are worried that it will lead to oversaturation and economic instability for drivers.

A Unite Wales spokesperson said: “Today Cardiff Council

have opened the floodgates by removing the cap on the amount of hackney cabs that are permitted to work in the city.


“Our members are determined to fight this decision and will have our full support and backing as the fight continues.”


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