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Cheshire Police stop drunk taxi driver crashing off curbs enroute to school pickup

A Cheshire Police officer prevented a potentially catastrophic incident by apprehending a drunk taxi driver on her way to pick up a young child from school.

The incident occurred yesterday morning in Winsford, when the officer noticed a white Kia vehicle being driven recklessly and subsequently called 999 to report the concerning behaviour.

According to a spokesperson from the Cheshire Police, the officer observed the Kia hitting kerbs and driving at a dangerously slow speed of approximately 10mph. What raised further suspicion was the presence of taxi registration plates on the vehicle. Fearing for the safety of innocent members of the public, the officer diligently followed the vehicle until it came to a halt outside a house in Winsford.

Once uniformed officers arrived at the scene, a breath test was conducted on the female driver. Shockingly, she blew a staggering 130 at the roadside, far exceeding the legal alcohol limit of 35. Immediately, she was placed under arrest, and the police provided her with transportation to Middlewich Custody.

Cheshire Police later confirmed that the female driver has been charged for her dangerous behavior and will have to appear before Crewe Magistrates' Court on 1 January 2024.

A Cheshire Police spokesperson added via social media: “The taxi was on the way to pick up a fare - a young child that was waiting to get to school. The actions of this driver put innocent members of public at risk, and thankfully they were stopped by Police before driving to a school with a child on board.

“If you have any information about people who drink alcohol and then think it's acceptable to get behind the wheel, please give us a call. Your actions could save a life this Christmas.“


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