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CODE RED: Rail strikes enticing more taxi and PHV drivers out despite ‘exhausting’ traffic and hours

Taxi drivers across the country continue to battle with high demand by working extended days and hours to help the public move around during chaotic national rail strikes expected to impact the UK for most of this week.

While some extra rail-replacement bus services will assist some of the travelling public, demand for taxi and private hire services soared, leaving drivers to battle with the increased traffic.

Ride-hailing giants Uber said they saw a 20% increase in drivers active on the platform in London this morning between 6am-9am compared to the same period last Wednesday. The increased number of drivers making themselves available on the platform comes despite some drivers striking against Uber on the same day. According to the App Drivers and Couriers Union (ADCU) who called the strike action today, a number of drivers protested outside Uber’s London offices.

Rail-strike action began yesterday and further 24-hour walk outs are planned on Thursday and Saturday. The disruption is however expected to last the entire week.

One taxi driver who worked throughout the strike on Tuesday was said to be left ‘exhausted’ by the traffic, extended working hours and demand from people both on the street and via app booking services.

The cabbie said: “Leaving my house outside the M25 I had to start work extra early to make sure I arrived in central London before the masses. There were hundreds of pre-booked job offers to choose from to get me started heading in from the west.

“After that the traffic was horrendous, especially in east London around City Airport. Demand for our services was solid throughout the day and night and the only thing stopping me take more passengers than I did was the inability to get around quickly after dropping passengers off.

“After a long exhausting day I shall take a day off to recharge and head out again on Thursday and Friday to help as much as I can.”


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