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CONFUSED motorway motorist speeds up close to police car and then pulls in front to HOG MIDDLE LANE

Image credit: Twitter @MerPolTraffic

A motorist has been reported for driving without reasonable consideration on the M57 Motorway.

Merseyside Police witnessed the driver speed up behind them in the rain before eventually moving in front of them where they began to drive "considerably slower", hogging the middle lane.

Officers from the force's Roads Policing Unit pulled the driver over, issuing a report for the offence.

A spokesperson said via the Roads Policing Unit's Twitter account @MerPolTraffic: "This vehicle on the M57 came up behind marked traffic car at speed before anchoring on when alongside and then proceeded to hog the middle lane now travelling considerably slower.

"Driver reported for an overall offence of driving without reasonable consideration."

On the same day, another driver was offered education and advice by officers who witnessed them also hogging the middle lane, this time on the M62.

Image credit : Twitter @MerPolTraffic

A spokesperson for the police said: "This vehicle was hogging the middle lane travelling at 60mph on the M62 which caused inconvenience to several other road users as they had to use lane 3 to get past whilst lane 1 was clear.

"Driver offered education and advice. Please keep to the left unless overtaking."


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