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Cornwall Council to review the number of taxis available and licensed in the area

Cornwall Council are looking for feedback from residents on taxi use so it can decide whether to keep a limit on the number of taxis currently allowed to operate in three zones.

At the moment there are limits on the number of Hackney Carriages that operate from a rank or can be hailed in the street. There is no limit on the number of Private Hire vehicles, which must be pre-booked by passengers ahead of a journey.

The Council’s current policy limits the number of ‘taxi’ licences it issues in three zones within Cornwall. The current limits in each zone, named to reflect the former district/borough council boundaries are: -

  • Restormel zone: 74 taxis

  • Carrick zone: 84 taxis

  • Penwith zone: 51 taxis.

The other zones that don’t currently have any restrictions on the number of taxis allowed to operate are Caradon, North Cornwall and Kerrier.

The survey runs until 31 August 2022.

Carol Mould, Cornwall Council portfolio holder for neighbourhoods, said: “Taxis play an important part in local transport and are very important to many in our communities.  If you are a taxi user and you hire a taxi from a taxi rank as opposed to booking a private hire vehicle in advance of your journey, let us know your experiences. Are there too many taxis or not enough? How often have you not been able to get a taxi or had a long wait for one? Are there any particular times of the year when taxis are difficult to get? Your responses will help us to shape the policy going forward.”


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