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Councilman urges City of London wards to consider negative impact of Bank Junction taxi restrictions

A City of London councilman has called upon various wards in the Square Mile to consider the negative impact of current restrictions on Black Cabs at Bank Junction.

According to James Thomson, Deputy Common Councilman for the Ward of Walbrook and Chair of the City of London Police Authority Board, these regulations have severely affected taxi services, leading to significant disruptions for businesses in the area.

Thomson, along with Alderman Tim Hailes, is spearheading a campaign to remove these restrictions entirely, advocating for 24/7 access for Black Cabs throughout the year.

Their argument is bolstered by startling statistics: 87% of Black Cab drivers have altered their working patterns due to these constraints, with 35% avoiding the City of London entirely. Moreover, a considerable number of jobs booked through the Gett app go unfulfilled in the Bank area, and Freenow, a mobility app, reports that three out of four ride requests cannot be serviced in this critical business hub.

The campaign "Cabs Across Bank" has garnered notable support, with 600 responses backing the lifting of restrictions, illustrating a clear demand from both passengers and drivers for change. The social media campaign associated with this movement has reached nearly one million impressions, indicating widespread community engagement.

As the Corporation compiles a report to assess the situation, Thomson emphasises the importance of community support in influencing the outcome. The lifting of these restrictions is seen not only as a boon for taxi drivers, but as a necessary step to ensure the vitality of businesses within the Bank area and improve accessibility for all city users.


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