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DECIMATED: Concerns grow as Glasgow Black Cab fleet could lose 1,000 vehicles due to new LEZ rules

Image credit: Unite Glasgow Cab Section

Concerns are growing from Glasgow’s taxi drivers that their fleet could be DECIMATED by around 1,000 black cabs should the city’s council take no action.

Unite Union Glasgow Cab Section expressed worry that they could see around 1,000 iconic taxi vehicles removed from the streets for being non-compliant with new Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) rules coming in next year.

Taxi representatives have released a video detailing the level of damage the reduction of cabs could cause the local community. The ‘Black Cab Blackout’ could mean less wheelchair accessible vehicles available to the public and less coverage to serve businesses and the hospitality sector.

Of the 1,420 taxis licensed by Glasgow City Council, around 1,000 do not meet new emissions criteria set for June 2023.

Unite Union Glasgow Cab Section are calling for councillors to make black cabs exempt from the scheme until 2027 to allow the sector to recover sufficiently from the coronavirus pandemic.

Work levels during the pandemic reached astonishingly low levels, making it impossible for many taxi drivers to earn a living. Many of those looking to invest in new vehicles were forced to spend deposits saved to cover basic living costs.

Councillor Thomas Kerr said: “Powerful video from Unite Glasgow Cab Section on the real life implications if Councillors don’t give our cabbies an exemption to the LEZ.

“They’ve had a horrendous time due to the pandemic. The Glasgow Conservatives stand with them, time for others to do same.”

Taxi driver James Mcglone said: “I genuinely think it’ll be too late for me. My LEZ friendly Vito is taking over half my earnings every week and that’s on a good week.

“On lesser weeks I’m working only to pay for the cab loan, insurance, radio fees and fuel with little left over.”


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