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DEMAND HIGH: Spike in prices and lack of journey acceptances leaves London Uber users frustrated

Updated: May 8, 2022

A lack of journey acceptances from Uber drivers in London and a spike in prices has left passengers frustrated this week as the private hire driver shortages rumble on.

Uber’s boss in northern and eastern Europe, Jamie Heywood, recently told the Evening Standard that demand for trips was up by more than 10 per cent in London compared with pre-pandemic levels — and by far more at the weekends.

Uber have said that their aim is to recruit 20,000 new drivers on their platform before the start of 2023.

Uber user, Emily Perkins, said: “Girl on her own in London waiting for an Uber home. Drivers constantly cancelling after my driver has been found. Atrocious service!

“Unfortunately, Uber is no longer reliable because they can just cancel your booking when they don’t like the look of it!”

Another user suggested you now have to be a ‘wealthy person’ to use the service whilst also talking about women’s safety. The user called Cachi said: “London. 1am. Order an Uber for £16. No drivers found after 5’. Order again straightway: £37. This goes against safe travel - you have to be a wealthy person, otherwise get public transport alone at 1am, and good luck!”

Armaan Khan also shared his frustration over the high prices being asked of passengers to use the service. Khan said: “Unbelievable to book Uber in advance they will charge you between £38-£45 for a 2 mile journey, where you would normally pay £6. Uber you must be very proud ripping your customers for booking a cab. Daylight robbery.”

The shortage of drivers and coverage at peak times in the capital was also discussed. Dom Taylor said: “Was in London recently and Uber was literally awful. Couldn’t even get a taxi on it. Short trips in black cabs are cheaper.”

Another user was critical of the time it takes to find a minicab in London, saying: “I’ve found the 3rd circle of hell for getting an Uber in London.”

One customer even asked the ride-hailing firm to INCREASE their fares to encourage more drivers to join the platform. A shortage of drivers and a spike in demand for taxis and private hire services has caused havoc throughout the UK.

Thomas Habets said: “Uber, since it always takes 30-60 minutes to get an Uber even in central London, could you just please raise prices to meet demand?”


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