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DOZENS OF ACCIDENTS: Drivers warned to keep their cool when a wasp flies into their vehicle

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Drivers have been warned to keep a cool head and avoid an accident if they are surprised by a wasp in their car while on a summer road trip.

Motor safety experts at Road Angel have issued guidance to drivers to prevent collisions if a wasp flies into their car.

It’s believed wasps could be responsible for dozens of road traffic accidents each year with July and August being the busiest months for wasp populations in Britain.

Being startled by a wasp while driving can cause some drivers to panic and lose focus on the road, which could lead to catastrophic consequences.

Drivers have now been told to stay calm if a wasp flies inside their car and to gently decelerate, pull over when safe to do so, get out of the car and open all doors to allow the wasp to escape.

To prevent a wasp from entering at all they should keep their car windows closed at all times and ensure their vehicles are emptied of items such as sweet wrappers and discarded snacks which can attract wasps.

The stark warning comes as the latest 2020 data shows over 2000 road accidents, including some fatalities, were caused by a distraction within the vehicle.

In addition to risking an accident, failing to keep a cool head due to a wasp buzzing inside a car could lead to drivers incurring fines or even imprisonment.

Under UK law and the Highway Code, any motorist found distracted while driving could be charged with a dangerous or careless driving offence by the police.

Many insects thrive during the warm summer UK months, including wasp colonies which are most active between June and August, and plagues of flies that breed and noticeably increase in numbers.

Gary Digva, Founder of Road Angel, said: “Reacting to a wasp while driving is incredibly dangerous and could cause a major road accident.

“Sadly some drivers do panic if a wasp enters their vehicle which is why we have issued this guidance.

“If driving at high speed or along a motorway, the consequences could be devastating if a wasp caused someone to freak out and lose control.

“If you are surprised by a wasp it’s absolutely essential to stay calm and focused on the road ahead.

“Check your mirrors and make sure it is safe to pull over, then indicate and move across. If you are on the motorway and it is safe to stop on the hard-shoulder then do so.

“Once stopped, ensure it is safe to exit the vehicle and step out leaving the door open. Then go around the car and open the other doors until you see the wasp fly out.

“Only when you are satisfied that the wasp has left the car should you get back inside and continue your journey.

“We also recommend that drivers keep their windows closed and make sure the car is free of sweet wrappers, cans of pop and discarded snacks which can be a magnet for wasps."


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