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Driver displaying a FAKE PAPER PHV licence plate sparks FRAUD concerns in Liverpool City Centre

Image credit: LCC Licensing

Enforcement officers in Liverpool have reported a driver displaying a fake PAPER private hire licensing plate in the rear window of its vehicle, sparking fraud concerns in the city.

Liverpool City Council (LCC) Licensing officers found the vehicle plying-for-hire in the City Centre after spotting the dubious looking licence plate incorrectly placed in the rear window.

Upon closer inspection, the FAKE plate was made of paper which prompted officers to not only report the driver for plying-for-hire without insurance, but also with fraud offences.

A LCC Licensing spokesperson said: “Liverpool Licensing Enforcement Officers discovered a vehicle plying for hire last night in the City Centre with a false paper Liverpool Private Hire Licence Plate displayed in the rear screen.

“The driver is being reported for a number of offences, including fraud.”


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