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‘DUMBEST CRIMINAL’: Thief leaves phone at scene of two taxi break-ins

Police have been handed CCTV footage of a man described as ‘Grangemouth’s dumbest criminal’ after a mobile phone was left at the scene of two taxi break-ins.

Kerse Cabs located on Dundas Street, Grangemouth, shared details of the incident which took place early Friday morning.

According to the operator, two cabs were broken into and personal documents taken. Left behind in one of the vehicles was a mobile phone.

CCTV of the break-in and the mobile device recovered have been handed to police for review.

A Kerse Cabs spokesperson said on social media: “Grangemouth's dumbest criminal. Two of our vehicles were broken into on 28/01/22 at approximately 4am.

“Not only was he caught on CCTV he also left his phone in one of the cars he broke into.

“There was personal documents in these cars, so we have informed relevant departments for identity fraud. Police now have his phone and CCTV footage from CCTV.”


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