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E-Taxi maker Nissan Dynamo aims to accelerate market share with £2million crowdfunding campaign

Image credit: Nissan Dynamo

Dynamo Motor Company manufacture The Dynamo Taxi, which is according to GOV.UK the world's only 100% electric zero emissions London black cab.

The company is based in the automotive heartland that is Coventry.

Working in association with Nissan Motors and in view of a legislation change on January 1st 2018 whereby taxis could only be licensed in London if they were capable of travelling more than 30 miles with zero emissions, Dynamo engineered and developed a first to market vehicle to compete in this £4billion market which currently only has one competitor, this being LEVC, which is range extended i.e. petrol and battery.

The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign which aims to raise £2million to help its acceleration to gain a strong share in the electric vehicle market. Over £1.5million has already been raised through the campaign.

A spokesperson said via the crowdfunding page: "Our Taxi uses Nissan's fully electric eNV200 Evalia MPV as a donor vehicle that Dynamo converts to a fully certified and compliant London Black Cab.

"With further investment secured from our partner Gluon Mobility Ventures, Dynamo will accelerate its plans to enter the mobility sector and offer wheelchair accessible conversions to passenger and privately owned vehicles.

"In the UK there are nearly 70,000 taxis of which some 4,000 have already converted to electric. Dynamo is competing for the other 66,000 who over the next 10 years, driven by financial gain and a growing desire to improve the environment, will be encouraged through clean air zones and ever tightening of legislation to opt for an electric taxi."

The company has laid out its monetisation strategy:

Step 1. Dynamo receives a purchase order and deposit from the customer.

Step 2. Dynamo purchases a donor vehicle from Nissan Motors, which is delivered via its framework dealership, direct to our factory.

Step 3. Dynamo converts the vehicle to London Taxi specification.

Step 4. Once conversion is complete the vehicle is registered to the new owner.

Step 5. Dynamo receive payment for the finished Taxi from the customer.

Step 6. The vehicle is delivered.

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