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Electric LEVC black cab getting close to overtaking TX4 as London’s ‘King of the Ranks’

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

The electric LEVC black cab could soon be overtaking its TX4 counterpart as the ‘King of the Ranks’ after a huge surge in sales last month.

According to Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) data there are currently 5,181 electric LEVC vehicles licensed in the capital following a mammoth month of sales which saw over 300 new LEVC cabs hit the road in March.

It could now be a matter of months before the LEVC overtakes the diesel TX4 cab as the most popular vehicle licensed in London. Currently 6,624 TX4 cabs remain working in the capital.

In third place the Mercedes-Benz Vito cab sits with 2,653 cabs and next up is the Nissan Dynamo Taxi with 156 registered.

The Coventry-based taxi manufacturer has been popular amongst cabbies as it eliminates range anxiety, minimises CO2 emissions and saves money on fuel thanks to its unique eCity technology. The taxi offers a pure electric, zero-emission range of 64 miles and is capable of a total range of up to 318 miles thanks to its range-extending technology.

The LEVC taxi also qualifies for the Plug-in Taxi Grant (PITG), reducing its price by £7,500.


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