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ELECTRIC TX4: Clipper Cabs talking to NUMEROUS authorities as plans to rent out cabs edge nearer

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Image credits: Clipper Cabs

Clipper Automotive, a tech start-up firm that specialises in electric vehicle (EV) taxi conversions, are talking to a number of licensing authorities as plans to rent out their converted TX4s edge nearer.

Once licensed the black cabs will be rented out to drivers on a price match policy, based on the current price to rent out diesel taxis in the region. Taxi drivers could be driving an electric taxi for as little as £230 per week.

The firm behind the technology, Clipper Automotive, was set up by two experts in their field, Dr Alexander Howard and Janosch Oppermann. Their aim has always been to turn diesel black taxis into Zero Emission Capable (ZEC) vehicles.

The taxi industry may now have found an interim solution to quickly convert more of its current fleet into more cost effective and environmentally friendly taxis.

The London taxi industry has already invested heavily in new EV taxis since new vehicle regulations were introduced in January 2018. Since then over 5,500 electric taxis have been licensed by Transport for London (TfL), leaving roughly 9,000 licensed diesel cabs still working in the capital.

Similar shifts to greener cabs are taking place across the UK and the Clipper Cab is seen as an alternative to brand new EV cabs.

A spokesperson from Clipper Cabs said: “Currently we are in discussions with a number of licensing offices and councils across the country about this. We will keep you posted about our progress and the availability of the Clipper Cab.”

The spokesperson added: “As the first stage of bringing these on the road, we will be renting them out on a weekly basis, as your local fleet operators already do.

“You can expect a price match to the current going rate in your city for a cab. So if you can currently rent one for £230pw in your city we will offer them at £230pw to you as well.”

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