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Elmbridge Borough Council seeks public input on taxi service levels in the region

In a recent statement, Elmbridge Borough Council called upon residents to share their experiences and reasons for using local taxi services.

The move is part of the Council's ongoing efforts to understand and improve the private hire and taxi usage in the borough.

Residents are being asked to detail how they utilise these services - be it for school runs, shopping trips, airport transfers, or social outings. This information is crucial for the Council, which holds the responsibility for licensing taxi and private hire vehicles, drivers, and operators in Elmbridge.

The Elmbridge taxi and private hire sector is recognised as a vital service for both residents and visitors. The Council is committed to maintaining this service to the benefit of all stakeholders, including the taxi and private hire businesses themselves.

Current challenges facing the industry are not lost on the Council. They acknowledge the increased vehicle running costs and competition from operators outside the borough as significant hurdles. With a deeper understanding of how residents use these services, the Council hopes to support the industry in better meeting customer demand and overcoming these challenges.

The survey, which opened on 5 January 2024, will run until 5 February 2024. It represents a proactive approach by the Elmbridge Borough Council to engage with the community and respond to its changing needs in the transportation sector. The outcome of this survey could help shape the future of taxi and private hire services in Elmbridge.


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