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ENSO: Pop-up tyre operations in partnership with EV service hub

Image credit: ENSO

ENSO is the world’s first tyre manufacturer to become a Certified B- Corporation and has launched its specialist double-A rated electric vehicle (EV) tyres for electric LEVC TX taxis. ENSO is operating within a North London based ‘new breed’ service centre, EV Service Hub, which is a ‘state of the art’ 14,000 sq. ft, one- stop shop service centre designed specifically for EV commercial vehicles.

This partnership represents ENSO’s entry into the market with their tyre for taxis. Earlier this year ENSO successfully proved the

benefits of its EV tyres during real world trials, extending the range of the fleets vehicles by improving energy efficiency and increasing safety by improving wet grip.

ENSO are now operating its pop-up alongside EV Service Hub in Tottenham, Mowlem Trading Estate, Leeside Road, London N17 0QJ, and is proud of its association with Colts. Drivers can book-in via ENSO’s dedicated website – – and reserve their one-hour fitting slot including free wheel alignment for just £299 including VAT.

Samuel Judah, Managing Director of EV Service Hub, said: “We wanted to create a service centre from the ground up that was designed to support the demanding requirements of EV commercial vehicles from cabs to vans, ‘if the wheels aren’t turning, then drivers aren’t earning’. Adding Enso tyres to our stable of services was just common sense to give drivers and fleets exemplary service and sustainability.”

Over the last month, ENSO has begun to fit their tyres onto one of London’s largest electric cab fleets. Michael Glassman, Owner of Colts Cabs, said: “We are proud to be leading the charge in the Black Cab trade to not only reduce pollution but also to give drivers more miles per charge, this is consistent with our aim of making sure the cab trade is world class in every way, from service to sustainability.”

ENSO sees this as a crucial partnership with the taxi trade and hopes partnerships will be mutually beneficial. ENSO wants taxi drivers to provide the company with feedback to help them in their quest to “constantly innovate” and improve their product.

Governments and regulators are concerned about urban air pollution and are now looking at tyre particulates as a major source of this; having a zero-emission capable vehicle will no longer be enough. For example, a new EURO 7 emission standard for vehicle manufacturers will be introduced from July 2025, including a minimum standard for tyre PM emissions for the first time. ENSO’s tyres use less energy per mile, reduce particulate emissions and make the TX even cleaner.

Find out more at and book your appointment at EV Service Hub to get more miles for your money.


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