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Executive private hire vehicle found to be driven by DISQUALIFIED driver

Image credit : Twitter @GMPTraffic

A private hire driver has been reported and his vehicle seized after he was found to be working despite being disqualified from driving until April 2023.

Greater Manchester Traffic Police stopped the vehicle - a Mercedes CLS350 - which was being used for executive private hire purposes, at Manchester Airport.

Roadside checks revealed that the driver was serving a ban, therefore was operating illegally.

Taking to social media to highlight the offence, a spokesperson for Greater Manchester Traffic Police, said: "The driver of this Mercedes CLS350 has just been stopped at Manchester Airport.

"Found to be an executive taxi [private hire vehicle]. Unfortunately for him, the driver was also found to be disqualified until April 2023.

"Car seized and driver reported to court."

Officers have not confirmed which operator the driver was working with.


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