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Extreme POGO jumper bounces over FIVE London taxis in celebration of Guinness World Records Day

Image credit: Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records (GWR) today celebrated its eighteenth annual GWR Day by POGOING over FIVE consecutive London taxis.

With the theme of Super Skills, record-breaking hopefuls from across the globe have put on a jaw-dropping display of dedication, persistence and elite-level talent.

Tyler ‘Ty-so-Fly’ Phillips from the US XPOGO Team achieved the Guinness World Records title for Most consecutive cars jumped over on a pogo stick. He bounced over FIVE iconic black Cabs with the Olympic Park in Stratford as the backdrop. The new green electric cabs made this challenge even harder by standing at nearly 2m tall and 1.6m wide.

At just 21 years old Tyler Phillips from Tampa, Florida is one of the fastest rising stars in the extreme pogo sport. Tyler is known for his huge, crisp style, featuring massive flips and is the most followed pogo-er on TikTok (@pogotyler). He bravely stepped up on Guinness World Records Day to attempt this gargantuan challenge after his team-mate and existing record holder Dalton Smith broke his ankle just two weeks ago.

Tyler Phillips said: “Wow, I am so stoked that I was able to break this record -- I really wanted this for a long time, and it was pretty crazy being there this morning actually seeing the cars lined up when it finally felt real.

“It was most of all a mental challenge to focus and control my jumps, so right now I'm feeling super proud, a little relieved and just hyped to have made pogo history.”

Craig Glenday, Editor in Chief of the Guinness World Records book, said: “It was an absolute thrill to watch Tyler in action – the height he can reach is astounding, and a powerful demonstration of his total mastery of the pogo stick. This year on Guinness World Records Day we’ve been blown away by the incredible talent and show of strength from our new Record holders.”

Image and video credit: Guinness World Records

First held in 2004 to mark Guinness World Records becoming the best-selling copyright book of all time, GWR Day has inspired some now iconic record-breaking achievements. This year over 1,000 applications were received from aspiring record breakers across the world, hoping to attempt records on GWR Day to secure their place in the next edition of the book.


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