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FAKE TAXIS: Unlicensed taxis are using vital London taxi ranks as FREE PARKING spots

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Image credit: Tom_the_Cabbie (Twitter)

Unlicensed taxis are using vital rank space in the capital as FREE PARKING SPACES much to the frustration of cabbies trying to claw back their living after a dreadful 18-months of low work levels caused by the pandemic.

Since September, when COVID-19 restrictions eased and people started to return back to office space, the taxi industry has begun its revival after months of low demand.

Working taxi drivers rely heavily on taxi ranks to pick up passengers outside places of interest. Passengers are also drawn to the locations where they are more likely to find an available vehicle waiting for them.

However, unlicensed vehicles are using the spaces as free parking in key areas in London including the West End’s Regent Street.

Two images of vehicles unlicensed to carry fare paying passengers have been shared online. One image showed a black TX4 style taxi, with tinted windows and silver roof trim parked on the usually busy Hamley’s taxi rank found on Regent Street.

Another ‘Fake Taxi’ was found parked on Kensington’s Derry Street rank outside Sony Music’s offices. This time the vehicle was a black LEVC TX again with tinted windows.

Image credit: Tom_the_Cabbie (Twitter)
Image credit: Tom_the_Cabbie (Twitter)

Taxi drivers commented saying it “must be an expensive way to avoid a parking ticket” and “people know taxi ranks are not enforced”.


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