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FIRST GLIMPSE: New fully autonomous ride-hailing vehicle from Steel E-Motive for UK market unveiled

Image credit: Steel E-Motive

The UK ride-hailing sector could be shaken up with a game-changing Mobility as a Service (MaaS) vehicle from Steel E-Motive who are a developing fully autonomous ride-sharing vehicle.

The concept that aims to revolutionise urban transportation is set to be introduced for the first time ever at Zemo 20:Zero event today.

The company is focused on creating vehicles that combine high crash protection with convenience, accessibility, and affordability. The approach recognises that safety and comfort are crucial factors in encouraging people living in high-density urban areas to embrace autonomous ride sharing. Moreover, high occupancy rates of three or more people per vehicle are a key aspect of reducing emissions, as the Steel E-Motive vehicle concepts can reduce emissions by up to 86%.

Steel E-Motive plans to utilise Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS), which offers excellent crash protection while being lightweight, sustainable, and highly cost-effective. As part of this effort, Steel E-Motive is working with collaborators such as WorldAutoSteel and Ricardo to make its portfolio of materials and methods available to automotive manufacturers around the world, enabling them to produce a new generation of sustainable, comfortable, and economical vehicles.

Thanks to its focus on creating vehicles that are easily incorporated into existing manufacturing processes, Steel E-Motive believes that production could begin as early as 2030.

Cees ten Broek, Director at WorldAutoSteel, said: “The secret is steel. Steel’s strength, durability and repairability makes it vital to the next generation ride sharing and ride hailing vehicles, which will need to have twice the useful life of current passenger vehicles.”


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