First Tesla Taxi takes over the mantle of the New York City yellow cab

Image credit: Twitter-@DRIVE_SALLY

The first yellow Tesla taxi has taken to streets of New York as the cab industry looks for a new icon.

The Model 3 is a small, simple and affordable electric car with 220 to 325 miles range, which comes at a staring price of around $40,000 before fuel savings and incentives.

They say these taxis won‘t be 'no slouch' at the traffic lights either, with its high-efficiency powertrain, which provides a zero to 60 mph acceleration in as little as 3.2 seconds. Just like all approved vehicles to operate as licensed taxis in the city, the Tesla Model 3 has been customised to meet official requirements with yellow paintwork, official decals and an illuminated taxi roof sign.

A partition within the vehicle has also been added as with all licensed yellow taxis.

Images of one of the Tesla Model 3 being used as a New York City taxi cab, complete with the fleet’s iconic yellow paint scheme, have started making the rounds online. The vehicle was sighted in Manhattan near a Tesla store.

The city had seen Nissan attempt to become New York’s saviour since the iconic yellow cab we all came to know and love was finally retired, with its very own take on a taxi, but they did not hit the heights they were hoping for their Leaf model.

Tesla now step to the front of the order with this sleek silhouette that could well be what taxi drivers have been looking for.

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