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FREE NOW expands its multi-mobility offering in London to include HumanForest eBikes

Image credit: FREE NOW

FREE NOW have announced it will be bringing HumanForest eBikes to its app for the first time - further expanding its multi-mobility offering in London this summer.

The announcement, made at Thursday’s MOVE conference, comes as FREE NOW recorded eBike usage reaching an all time high in the month of May. The integration of HumanForest, in addition to its existing partnerships with Dott and TIER, means FREE NOW will now offer London’s largest fleet of over 3,000 dockless eBikes bookable in one app.

As well as meeting demand, the partnership also aligns with FREE NOW’s sustainability focus. In 2020, FREE NOW became the first mobility platform to become Net Zero in all European markets. Similarly, HumanForest has matched ambitions to create a sustainable change by ensuring all its eBikes operate from zero emission and 100% renewable energy. Completing a record 150,000 trips in London last month alone, HumanForest saved 25 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Silvia Fischer, Vice President at FREE NOW, said: “By partnering with HumanForest, we’re not only continuing to lead the way in offering our customers eco-friendly transport alternatives but we’re transforming urban mobility without adding more cars to the streets.

“As the UK’s Mobility Super App we offer Londoners the choice to travel in a sustainable way which helps to reduce congestion and improve the cities that we live in. We are delighted to expand our offering to include eBikes with HumanForest adding to our existing multi mobility portfolio consisting of eScooters, PHV and the iconic Black Cabs. We’re excited to see how Londoners utilise eBikes during Summer 2022 and beyond.”

Michael Stewart, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at HumanForest, said: “FREE NOW is one of the top mobility Apps in London, and we’re delighted to partner with them to add a truly sustainable alternative to their platform. Our vision is to create active, safe and green cities by bridging the gap between affordability and sustainability. We're excited by the huge potential of this partnership to unlock new HumanForest users and grow the number of people who choose the sustainable option in London."


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