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FREENOW and Karhoo partner to expand taxi and ride-hail offering across the continent

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Image credit: FREENOW

FREENOW and Karhoo are announcing a partnership to expand their mobility offerings across the continent. The collaboration aims to make private and business travelling even more seamless by improving the accessibility of ride-hailing services.

Karhoo will enhance its white-label mobility solutions by integrating FREENOW’s trusted taxi and PHV (private-hire vehicle) supply to serve some of the biggest names in the hotel, travel and corporate industries including Accor and SNCF Connect.

FREENOW’s network of over 200,000 taxis and ride-hail vehicles will be integrated into the various customer-facing apps and websites to ensure a flawless passenger experience. This partnership allows Karhoo to respond even more to existing demand and offer an even wider range of ride-hailing options. In addition to the classic taxi and private-hire fleet, choices include electric, hybrid, and wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

FREENOW and Karhoo are currently rolling out the new service offer across major European markets including Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom. The phased technical integration is expected to be complete for all markets by the beginning of 2024. Simultaneously, the two companies are already planning to expand their partnership further in the near future.

Thomas Zimmermann, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FREENOW, said: “The partnership between our two companies marks a milestone in seamlessly connecting supply and demand for ride-hailing services in Europe.

“On the one hand, we enable an outstanding customer experience through even greater convenience and reliability for private as well as business travellers. On the other hand, the collaboration also opens up increased demand and greater earnings potential for affiliated drivers.”

Terry Coates, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Karhoo, said: “By joining forces with FREENOW, we leverage our combined strengths to create a MaaS ecosystem that will transform the way people access and utilise transportation services. The addition of over 200,000 vehicles via the FREENOW platform gives Karhoo’s demand partners, and their customers, greater access to efficient, stress-free mobility solutions across both new and existing territories.”


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