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Fuel PANIC-BUYERS prompts taxi reps to request licensed taxis remain on emergency fuel supply list

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

The panic-buying of petrol and diesel across the UK has prompted London’s black cab industry to request taxis remain on the emergency fuel supply register in the capital should the situation escalate further.

Panic-buying at fuel stations has prompted some of the biggest operators to ration fuel. Large queues have formed at forecourts after BP shut 20 fuel stations and limited supplies at up to 100 more.

Asda brought in a limit of £30 per customer at nearly 400 stations due to “unprecedented demand and associated supply challenges”.

Steve McNamara, General Secretary of Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), told members: “Many of you will have seen reports of petrol stations running dry and an impending fuel shortage. Whilst the situation is likely being compounded by the media, leading to panic buying, we are seeing big queues at some stations and it may well escalate.

“During the last major fuel shortage in 2000, the then Mayor, Ken Livingstone, and his deputy Dave Wetzel, had taxis placed on the emergency fuel supply list along with buses, emergency service vehicles etc in view of the vital role licensed taxis play in keeping London moving and providing a fully wheelchair accessible service.

“We have contacted TfL and City Hall to request confirmation that taxis (as an essential service) remain on the emergency fuel supply register from September 2000 and if this is not the case we will be calling for this to be reinstated as a matter of urgency.”


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