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Gatwick taxi drivers protest after driver SACKED for undertaking duties as union representative

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Gatwick airport taxi drivers protested on Friday over an attack on their rep by operator Airport Cars.

According to Unite Union, the worker has been sacked for undertaking his duties as a union workplace representative.

Last week, Airport Cars notified the worker by email that he can no longer work for the company because he represented a colleague during a workplace dispute.

Unite represents nearly 300 Airport Cars taxi drivers, who are currently part of an employment tribunal case that will determine their employment status.

The Union say the company has not conducted an investigation or held a hearing and has told the worker he cannot appeal the decision to sack him. Unite is in the process of launching a legal claim against the company.

The protest is also being held to challenge the company’s treatment of another driver, who is a former Unite rep. Airport Cars have prevented this driver from returning to work since the end of the pandemic, refusing to give an explanation as to why, other than claiming he has a ‘ban’ on his file.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “Unite will not tolerate attacks on our reps. The full force of the union will be directed into making Airport Cars right this wrong and cease its hostile treatment of union members.

"Attacks on members of our union will not go unchallenged, and our members at Airport Cars have Unite's full support.”


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