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“GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!”: Uber passenger charged whopping £830 for trip he claims he did not make

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Screenshot image credit: Matt_Cook02 (Twitter)

An Uber customer was reportedly charged a whopping £830.91 for a trip to Manchester from London that he claims he DID NOT make.

The shocked customer, Matt Cook, took to social media to remonstrate with the operator, explaining the trip he actually took was only 5-miles long starting from the city’s Bishopsgate area to south-east London’s New Cross.

Matt Cook contacted Uber to say: “This is not the journey I took and you can see quite clearly I’m in London! Impossible to get from Manchester to London in 1 hour! Give me my money back!”

Cook then posted up Uber’s response: “This trip was requested from a device previously associated with your account, and the pickup/ drop off locations are consistent with your trip history.

“We are considering this a legitimate trip, and are unable to make any adjustments to the fare at this time.”

The global ride-hailing firm went on to ask for further details to support his case after refusing to refund the frustrated customer.

Cook contacted Uber and sent the operator images of his Google Maps location, displaying his whereabouts in London. He queried how he could be in London if, as according to the trip data, he was in Manchester just under an hour ago.

According to the Daily Mail the driver of the Uber vehicle he reportedly took to New Cross asked him for the location he wished to travel to and dropped him off at his London home in the early hours of Friday 1 October.

However upon waking up later that Friday morning he was alerted to the eye-watering £830.91 bill allegedly showing he took a 227-mile trip to Manchester being dropped of in the north-west city at 6.57am.

Matt Cook said in another social media message: “Hey Uber why have you charged me over £800 for a trip I didn’t take! I am currently sat at home in London and you’re refusing to refund me.”


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