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GMB say Addison Lee are ‘using solicitors to wear down the drivers’ to escape compensation payouts

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Lawyers from Addison Lee and Leigh Day have locked horns again this week over compensation for drivers.

The GMB Union accuse the private hire vehicle (PHV) operator of ‘re-running’ an Employment Tribunal (ET) in an attempt to avoid compensation payments for drivers who worked under ‘bogus’ self-employment status for the company.

A decision by the Court of Appeal in April 2021 refused permission for Addison Lee to appeal against the successful worker status judgment at the ET and EAT.

However, Addison Lee wrote to Leigh Day, the law firm representing GMB’s members advising that Addison Lee wish to challenge the original judgment. The company claims that driver contracts now issued and updated processes mean that worker status should be argued about once again.

Steve Garelick, GMB London Region Organiser, said: "For years Addison Lee has tried to avoid the outcome of the Uber case with several attempts to delay matters and now claims that matters have changed since the Supreme Court’s decision.

“This once prolific minicab company cannot ride roughshod over workers when things don’t go in their favour.  It is time for the company to do the right thing and stop using solicitors to wear down the drivers whom they claim to respect. 

“When stories like this circulate about shameful private hire operators whose behaviour prevents workers from earning a decent wage, receiving holiday pay and honouring workers’ rights it is no wonder that drivers vote with their feet.“


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