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Government and TfL do discuss challenges around electric taxi adoption in London, says DfT Minister

Updated: Apr 26

Department for Transport (DfT) officials do meet with Transport for London (TfL) to discuss the uptake and barriers of adoption around drivers’ move to electric taxis, says Minister.

According to Minister Guy Opperman, DfT officials and representatives from TfL talk about the progression and hurdles in the shift towards electric taxis in the capital.

Louie French MP queried the Secretary of State for Transport on his discussions with the Mayor of London regarding the financial accessibility of black cabs for drivers. In response, Minister Opperman highlighted the focal points of the discussions, which included the uptake of electric taxis and the Plug in Taxi Grant, aimed at easing the transition for drivers towards environmentally friendly vehicles.

Current figures from TfL indicate that there are 8,434 licensed zero-emission capable (ZEC) taxis operating in London. These are predominantly LEVC TX models, augmented by a number of Nissan Dynamo electric taxis. This shift is part of London’s broader strategy to meet environmental targets, with an ambitious aim for all taxis in the city to be zero-emission by 2032.

The LEVC TX, launched in 2018 and manufactured in Coventry, represents a fusion of classic design and modern technology. This model is noted for its spacious cabin and wheelchair accessibility, running entirely emission-free on electric power. This advancement marks a significant step in urban transport, aligning with the city's environmental aspirations.

Nevertheless, the transition to electric vehicles is not without financial challenges. The cost of the LEVC TX 'Vista' model has surged from around £55,000 in 2018 to £70,219 today, even after the Plug-in Taxi Grant. This price increase is a reflection of wider economic pressures in the automotive industry, particularly those related to the adoption of advanced vehicle technologies and emission reduction efforts.

Guy Opperman, Minister for Department for Transport (DfT), said: “DfT officials meet with Transport for London (TfL) representatives to discuss the uptake of electric taxis, including the Plug in Taxi Grant and potential barriers to the adoption of these vehicles.”


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