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Government reaffirms commitment to introduce MANDATORY taxi driver disability awareness training

The Government have reaffirmed their commitment to bring in mandatory disability awareness training for all taxi and private hire drivers.

Virendra Sharma MP, asked the Secretary of State for Transport, if his Department plan was to introduce mandatory training for taxi and minicab drivers to ensure that people with sight loss are not discriminated against when using those services.

Trudy Harrison MP, DfT Minister, responded: “Effective disability awareness training can help ensure that taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers have the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide passengers with appropriate assistance, so that they can travel independently and with confidence.

“On 28 March, we published a consultation on updated best practice guidance for local licensing authorities, which includes a stronger recommendation that every driver is required to complete disability awareness training.

“We remain committed to introducing mandatory disability awareness training for taxi and PHV drivers through new National Minimum Standards for licensing authorities when Parliamentary time allows.”

A Government led 12-week consultation with the aim of updating vital taxi and PHV guidance supplied to local authorities is set to end soon.

The Department for Transport (DfT) first issued best practice guidance to licensing authorities in 2006 and this was refreshed in 2010.


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