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GREAT ORMOND STREET: London taxi drivers alerted to hospital entrance shift

London's iconic black cab drivers are receiving notifications regarding pivotal alterations to the Great Ormond Street Hospital's passenger drop-off protocol.

Effective from 19 February 2024, the hospital's main entrance on Great Ormond Street is no longer accessible due to construction activities, prompting a redirection of drop-off points to ensure uninterrupted patient access.

Visitors and patients are now directed to use the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building on Guilford Street for access. Alternatively, for those whose appointments are within the Octav Botnar Wing, the entrance on Lamb's Conduit Street is recommended.

These adjustments are anticipated to last approximately four years, as the hospital undergoes significant infrastructural developments. Taxi drivers and the public are advised to take note of these changes to facilitate smooth operations and access to hospital services during this period.


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