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Greater Manchester Police praise taxi driver's key role in stopping arrested dangerous motorist

Image credit: GMP Traffic

A taxi driver was praised by the police after playing a pivotal role in the apprehension of a dangerous driver in Greater Manchester.

The driver, identified as Mr Ahmed, reported a Volkswagen Polo being driven erratically. He continued to provide real-time updates to the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Traffic Unit, enabling them to intercept the vehicle.

Upon apprehension, the driver of the Polo was found to be operating the vehicle at twice the legal alcohol limit. Additionally, he was driving without a valid licence or insurance.

A GMP Traffic spokesperson expressed their gratitude to the taxi driver via social media after it led to the safe and effective stop of the driver by the XT police team.

A Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Traffic spokesperson said: “A huge thank you to Mr Ahmed, taxi driver, witnessed a Polo driven dangerously and gave timely updates on where the driver was headed, until XT were able to catch up and use safe tactics to stop the driver.

“He was double the drink drive limit, no licence and no insurance.”


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