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'HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME' Woman angered as 2 mile Uber trip quoted at nearly 4 times its usual price

Image credit : TaxiPoint / Twitter remixed

A woman has been left angered and called for ride-hailing firm Uber to 'hang your head in shame', after she says a trip was quoted at nearly 4 times its usual price.

The lady took to social media to highlight the increased fare for the 2 mile journey.

Along with posting a screenshot of the quote, the lady wrote: "Hang your head in shame Uber. A 2 mile journey which usually costs £7-8. Thank god for Freenow."

The image posted on her Twitter account shows the journey to be quoted at £30.82 for an UberX, £36.77 for an UberComfort, and £38.62 for an UberXL.

TaxiPoint has recently covered a number of similar stories of inflated prices, as well as incidents of higher waiting times for potential passengers of ride-hailing apps such as Uber.

Jamie Heywood, Uber's General Manager for Northern Ireland and Eastern Europe, told TaxiPoint: "There has been a huge spike in people taking Ubers since the end of lockdown, and in many cities we are now seeing demand 20-40% higher than it was before the pandemic.

"This does mean that at the moment some riders are waiting a little longer in busy areas during peak times."


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