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Heathrow Airport taxi demand ‘strong’, but cabbies debate fixed Fare’s Fair prices since TfL tariff increase

Updated: Jun 10

Heathrow Airport black taxi demand remained ‘strong’, but some cabbies are concerned about ‘Fare’s Fair’ fixed prices since Transport for London (TfL) tariff increase.

According to Sam Houston, a Senior Representative for Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), April saw robust demand for taxis at Heathrow.

However, he noted that waiting times are still varying significantly, and there have been multiple instances where both car parks have been fully occupied.

The recent fare adjustment has sparked discussions about the pricing of ‘Fare’s Fair’ journeys. These are fixed-price rides to destinations near but outside the Transport for London (TfL) area and include a return ticket. While some of these journeys are priced above the meter fare, others are not, leading to a reluctance among drivers to accept these jobs. This is particularly true for late-night rides, where there is a risk of not securing a follow-up fare.

Houston said in TAXI Newspaper: “April was another month of strong demand at Heathrow, though waiting times are variable and there have been a number of occasions recently when both car parks have been full.

“Following the recent Tariff adjustment there has been some discussion on changing the price of the ‘Fare’s Fair’ journeys. These are journeys to nearby destinations that are outside the TfL area, and can be offered at a fixed price with a return ticket. Although many of these journeys are priced above what the meter would go, others are not, and drivers are sometimes reluctant to accept these jobs, particularly late at night when there might not be another job afterwards. Any driver with a view on this can speak to a representative.

“It’s worth remembering that every Taxi journey we sell is a job our competitors didn’t get and money into our pocket that could go elsewhere. It’s also another cab off the rank and another cab out of the feeder park. I’ve always taken these jobs, as I find them to be well worth doing. Maybe if the prices go up a little bit more drivers will feel the same.”


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