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How long can an Uber driver work for in one shift?

Updated: Jun 6

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Uber drivers are bound by specific rules set by the operator, not the regulator, when it comes to the number of hours they can work in any one day.

Uber drivers can spend a maximum of 10 hours 'on trip' in one shift. This time is tracked from the moment a trip is confirmed to its completion. Once a driver hits this 10-hour limit, they must take a 6-hour break.

The 6-hour break is mandatory and non-negotiable. Drivers need to be offline for the full 6 hours before their 'on trip' timer resets. During this period, they cannot accept new trip requests. The app ensures that this rule is adhered to by automatically going offline if the driver tries to exceed the limit.

The Uber app is equipped with a timer that helps drivers keep track of their 'on trip' hours. Notifications will alert drivers as they approach the 10-hour mark. After reaching the limit, the app will indicate the remaining time of their mandatory break.

Only the time spent with a passenger or on the way to a pick-up counts towards the 10 hours. Time spent driving around waiting for requests to arrive through the app or sitting idle at airports, does not contribute to this limit.

If a driver is on a trip that extends beyond the 10-hour limit, they are allowed to finish that trip. However, once completed, they must take the 6-hour break immediately.

To reset the 'on trip' timer, drivers must take an uninterrupted 6-hour break. After this, the timer returns to zero, allowing them to accept new trip requests.

Drivers can monitor their break time through the app, which counts down the hours remaining in their 6-hour break and notifies them when they can start driving again.

This system doesn’t stop a driver from switching on another ridehail app and working that whilst the 6-hour Uber break ticks down. Ultimately, if a private hire driver wants or needs to work insanely long hours, there are methods to achieve this.


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