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How many taxi and private hire journeys are under and over the 10-mile mark?

Updated: 4 days ago

Just 13% of taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) journeys total over 10-miles in distance, placing the mode of transport as key to short-middle distance transport.

According to latest Government data available, a significant 87% of taxi and PHV journeys were for distances under 10 miles.

This 2021 figure aligns with trends observed in previous years, indicating a stable pattern in the utilisation of these transport services. The data suggests that taxis are primarily used for mid-range trips, providing a crucial link in urban transportation networks.

Interestingly, taxi trips are generally for slightly longer distances compared to other modes of transport, with fewer journeys falling below the 1-mile mark. This trend is likely due to the convenience and availability of taxis and PHVs for short to medium distances, where public transport options might be less frequent or direct.

A closer examination of the data shows that 62% of these trips are between 2 and 10 miles. This range covers a substantial portion of urban travel needs, whether it’s for commuting, shopping, or other personal errands. Taxis and PHVs thus play a vital role in filling the gap between short walks and longer public transport journeys.

Understanding these travel patterns is essential for city planners and transport authorities. It highlights the need for a balanced approach when developing urban mobility solutions, ensuring that taxis and PHVs continue to service the demand for flexible and efficient transport. As cities grow and evolve, the reliance on these services for mid-range trips is likely to remain a key component of urban transportation strategies.


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