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Huddersfield and Kirklees area taxi crackdown reveals high number of licensing and vehicle issues

Updated: May 23

Image credit: Huddersfield West Yorkshire Police

During a Huddersfield police taxi and motorist enforcement operation, a third of all taxis checked revealed licensing and vehicle defect issues.

In a focused operation on New Hey Road in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire Police alongside DVSA and Kirklees Licensing conducted thorough checks on vehicle safety and licensing compliance on Monday 20 May.

During the operation, police stopped a total of 45 vehicles to inspect for various compliance and safety issues. Out of these, 3 drivers were found driving without insurance, leading to Traffic Offence Reports (TORs) and subsequent court reports. Another vehicle attracted attention for having tyres significantly worn below the legal safety limits.

Significantly, 18 taxis were pulled over during this crackdown. The findings were concerning; one taxi driver faced immediate suspension due to serious breaches in regulations. Additionally, five taxis received rectification tickets due to identified vehicle defects that required prompt attention.

Furthermore, one vehicle was issued a Vehicle Defective Notice, mandating minor repairs within a 14-day window.

A Huddersfield West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: “Huddersfield and Rural NPT Team 1 officers worked in partnership with DVSA and Kirklees Licensing colleagues on New Hey Road on Monday 20th May 2024 conducting checks on the safety of vehicles, and licensing compliance.

“The following was found: 45 vehicles were stopped and checked. 3 x Traffic Offence Reports (TOR) were issued due to driving without insurance. The drivers have been reported to court. A further TOR was issued for a vehicle having two tyres below the legal tread.

“18 taxis were stopped and checked. One driver was suspended and five were given rectification tickets for vehicle defects.

“1 Vehicle Defective Notice was issued for the need for minor rectification within the next 14 days.”


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