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“I always drive in the middle lane what’s the problem?” lane-hogging minicab driver asks police

Image credit: Twitter @gmptraffic

A private hire driver has been reported for lane-hogging after officers watched him ignore their orders to switch lanes for over two junctions.

Greater Manchester Police's Traffic Unit used their matrix sign to warn the driver of his actions, but the driver continued to hog the middle lane for over two junctions.

Officers eventually pulled the driver over and reported him for the offence.

Officers confirmed that the driver was also reported for failing to wear a seatbelt.

Using their official Twitter account to highlight the incident, @gmptraffic, a spokesperson for the team said: "ME14 displayed matrix warnings "stop lane hogging" and "use left lane", but this vehicle continued to travel in lane 2 of M60 when 1 was clear. For over 2 junctions.

"Driver stated 'I always drive in the middle lane and fast lane, what's the problem?' Reported!"


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