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iCabbi harnesses Google Maps’ mobility platform Fleet Engine to power over 100,000 cab drivers

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

iCabbi has become the first B2B private hire passenger mobility tech provider to harness Google's technology stack for operators using the iCabbi platform.

Over 100,000 cab drivers worldwide will now be powered by a combination of iCabbi's Dispatch technology and a Google Maps mobility platform, known as Fleet Engine.

The collaboration between iCabbi and Google is set to level the technology playing field between local taxi firms and global ride-hail giants, according to iCabbi. The integration aims to bring significant improvements in performance for iCabbi's customers, including enhanced estimated time of arrival (ETAs), routing algorithms based on real-time data inputs from drivers and passengers, and live traffic feeds. Additionally, customers will have access to a range of new features that utilise fleet analytics to effectively manage demand and supply.

The first phase of Google's integration into iCabbi is already underway. One of iCabbi's customers, Amjed Malik (Punjy), who is part of the Nearby Group, had the opportunity to provide feedback to the product team during the initial pilot. He expressed his excitement by stating: "It's incredibly powerful. From what I've seen so far, this is going to be a game-changer."

Michael Tope, CEO of iCabbi, said: “iCabbi’s Google integration represents a major milestone on our road to delivering new disruptive innovation to our customers. This is one of a series of tech innovations iCabbi has developed this year and one that will benefit every single iCabbi customer and all their drivers and passengers. We’ve disrupted the market before by putting taxi technology into the cloud, through a SaaS model, and delivering digital transformation en masse. This win has the potential to be equally impactful. It’s just one of several game changes that we are delivering with the support of Mobilize MBA.”

Topp added: "This latest move by iCabbi comes on the back of significant market expansion. iCabbi has entered Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy, and Spain in 2023, and is set to launch in more new territories in 2024."


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