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IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION: Police share video of fluid dangerously squirting from defective brake system

Image credit : Twitter @NPRoadSafety

A driver has been handed an immediate prohibition notice for driving a van which was found to have a dangerous brake fluid leak.

Northumbria Police Road Safety team were undertaking roadside vehicle checks when they came across the van. A thorough inspection of the vehicle revealed a very dangerous defect.

Brake fluid could be seen squirting from a leak in one of the brake pipes. Recorded by the policing team and shared on Twitter, a spokesperson for the force said: "Over the past 3 week we've been working with DVSA Enforcement & OpDragon at various locations across the force.

"Today we were on the A69; this van was found to have a serious brake fluid leak. Immediate prohibition.

"61% of vehicles stopped had dangerous defects."

Twitter users were left horrified at the footage, with one saying: "There's no excuse for that. Absolutely shocking to think they could have killed someone."

Another wrote: "They drive around us every day. The things I see in a day would shock the public."


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