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INFLATION: Taxi fares in Bristol set to rise 10% again amidst driver cost-of-living crisis

Taxi drivers in Bristol will soon see fares increase by up to 10%, just a year after the last price hike.

The proposed rise comes as drivers of Hackney Carriages, known as the city's blue taxis, grapple with the cost-of-living crisis, skyrocketing inflation, and surging fuel prices. The drivers have approached the city council, which determines journey rates, to request an adjustment that reflects these challenging economic times.

Prior to last year's fare increases, which ranged between 5.8% and 9.5%, Bristol taxi fares had remained unchanged since 2018. The last fare adjustment before that had occurred five years earlier.

The impending fare increase will vary depending on the time and distance of the trips. The most significant jump will be for three-mile daytime rides, with prices escalating by 9.8% from £9.20 to £10.10. One-mile journeys during the day will rise from £4.80 to £5.10, while night rates for the same distance will go up from £5.70 to £5.90. Weekend day rates will increase from £5.40 to £5.70, and weekend night rates will see a rise from £5.80 to £6.

For longer journeys, such as a three-mile trip, night rates will also be affected. They are expected to increase from £10.70 to £11.30, while weekend day rates for the same distance will rise from £9.80 to £10.70. Similarly, weekend night rates will see an increase from £11 to £11.60.

During the Christmas and New Year period, fares for one-mile trips will rise from £7.40 to £7.70, and for three-mile journeys, prices will go up from £14 to £14.90. However, on other public holidays, fares for one-mile trips will be frozen at £6.40 and £13 for three-mile journeys

The proposed fare hikes are expected to be approved by Mayor Marvin Rees's cabinet during a meeting on Tuesday 4 July. If there are no objections raised within the following 14 days, the new prices will come into effect. However, any objections received will be duly considered before the final confirmation of the revised fares.

As Bristol's taxi drivers struggle to cope with rising expenses, the proposed fare increase aims to help them sustain their livelihoods amidst challenging economic conditions.


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