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JAILED: Violent man robs cabbie at knifepoint saying ‘do you want to go back and see your kids?’

Image credit: South Yorkshire Police

A prolifically violent Sheffield man, who caused injury at each interval of his arrest and imprisonment, has been jailed.

Callum Woodburn, 24, robbed a taxi driver at knife point, assaulted a police officer following his arrest and assaulted an inmate while on remand in HMP Doncaster, and has now appeared before Sheffield Crown Court.

On 3 January 2022, Woodburn got a taxi on Harborough Avenue in Sheffield. The taxi driver drove Woodburn around several locations before travelling back to Harborough Avenue. When close by, Woodburn told the driver to stop at Manor Park Centre and as he did, he pulled a knife out and threatened him, saying ‘do you want to go back and see your kids?’ Woodburn then grabbed the driver’s takings bag and fled the scene.

Officers attended and arrested Woodburn in a property on Harborough Avenue. While in police custody, Woodburn showed further his aggressive nature and assaulted a police officer, headbutting and causing injury to the officer’s face.

Following charge by the CPS, Woodburn was remanded into HMP Doncaster. While on remand, Woodburn once more showed his violent nature and attacked an inmate.

On 9 March, an inmate approached the servery where Woodburn was stood.

Woodburn pulled a bladed article, consisting of a plastic razor blade handle, wrapped in blue fabric and two razor blades sticking out of it and assaulted the victim, causing deep lacerations to his neck, arm, and knee. The victim required stitches and has been left with scarring.

Woodburn was sentenced on 20 July to a combined sentence of 12 years.

Charlotte Reeder from the Doncaster Prison Crime Team, who investigated the assault at HMP Doncaster said: “Woodburn has showed his aggressive nature at every opportunity, and I am pleased his sentence reflects the severity of his actions that myself and colleagues from across the force have had to investigate.

“Through Woodburn’s actions he has showed no remorse or compassion for those he has injured.

“Our role within the prison crime team is to ensure that everyone within the prison, including staff and inmates are safe, detecting and investigating corruption, drug supply and violence, all of which will not be tolerated.

“Inmates have the right to serve their sentence without fear and violence.”


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