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Leeds City Council suspends 207 taxis and PHVs during roadside checks in 2023

Updated: Mar 15

Image credit: DALL.E (AI generated)

Leeds City Council taxi and private hire licensing officers suspended a total of 207 licensed vehicles during roadside checks in 2023.

The council’s Taxi and Private Hire Licensing service (TPHL) shared details in an annual report stating the extensive efforts taken to ensure vehicles and drivers meet stringent safety, accessibility and environmental standards, as mandated by both statute law and local policies.

In a push to uphold these standards, the council's enforcement team, in collaboration with West Yorkshire Police and other authorities, conducted 31 joint operations resulting in 1,642 roadside inspections in 2023.

These operations identified a range of compliance issues from vehicle safety to more severe cases such as child sexual exploitation. Although the majority of inspected vehicles were found to be in satisfactory condition, there were instances where 207 vehicles were immediately suspended due to severe safety breaches or other licensing concerns. Of those suspended, 173 vehicles were licensed with Leeds City Council and 34 were licensed in neighbouring authorities.

The council's enforcement strategies have not only focused on vehicle inspections but also on driver compliance. This includes interim checks between licence issuances, such as medical, DBS, and DVLA checks, alongside new regulations mandating the recording of drivers' HMRC tax codes.

The report suggests that the TPHL service has actively engaged in policy development and communication, addressing concerns raised by the taxi and private hire trade regarding affordability and consistency with Department for Transport guidance. Temporary pilot schemes introduced in response have been well-received by the trade, reflecting the council's commitment to adaptability and stakeholder engagement.


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