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LEVC announce 30 new voluntary job redundancies in reaction to ‘market conditions’

London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) has announced a voluntary redundancy program that will see a reduction of its workforce by 30 people.

This decision, as stated by an LEVC spokesperson, comes as a strategic response to current market conditions and is a part of the company's ongoing effort to adapt its production and logistics staffing levels.

LEVC, known for producing the iconic London black cab, is a player in the electric vehicle sector. The company specialises in the design, manufacturing, and sale of electric commercial vehicles, notably its famous electric taxi, which has become a symbol of cleaner, more sustainable urban transport. LEVC's commitment to zero-carbon mobility reflects a broader industry trend towards environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

The Ansty factory, located near Coventry in the UK, is central to LEVC's manufacturing operations. This state-of-the-art facility, which opened in 2017, represents a significant investment in the future of electric vehicle production. The Ansty factory aims to play a crucial role in LEVC's strategy to lead the shift towards zero-carbon mobility, and it serves as a hub for the development and production of their range of electric vehicles.

The announcement of job reductions is said to be part of LEVC’s strategy to navigate external economic challenges while progressing towards its goal of becoming a dominant player in the zero-carbon mobility market. This move is seen as a necessary step in aligning the company’s resources with its long-term objectives and market demands.

A LEVC spokesperson said: "In response to market conditions, LEVC is implementing a voluntary redundancy programme to reduce its workforce by 30 people, adjusting its production and logistics staffing levels. This prudent decision reflects the need to react to external headwinds and further prepare the business as it implements the next phase of its strategy, to become a leading zero-carbon mobility company.”


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