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LEVC TX taxi driver achieves impressive mileage in new higher range offering

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

A taxi driver achieved impressive zero emissions mileage in a new higher range LEVC TX black cab.

In an article with TAXI Newspaper, London taxi driver, dubbed 'Joe the TXE', shared his experiences with his new electric vehicle (EV) black cab.

Joe exclaimed: "It's identical to my old one in almost every way, with the exception of the range in pure EV mode. I am now regularly achieving over 70 miles, and with a careful right foot, judicious use of regen and double regen, my record is 81 miles!"

Having gained extensive experience with electric taxis, Joe acknowledged the potential decrease in range during colder weather. However, he remained optimistic, banking on surpassing his current record with the arrival of warmer weather.

When explaining his charging routine, Joe said: "I am still charging at home, driving in save mode, and switching to pure mode when I encounter traffic. If I time it right and the jobs flow, I grab a quick 20-minute charge while enjoying a coffee and a bite to eat. Most days, I get home with a few miles to spare, which is evident in the minimal amount of fuel I now buy."

While Joe had mostly positive experiences with his EV, he encountered a minor issue around the 8,000-mile mark. He described it as a software lock-up that prevented him from accessing various controls on the touch screen, such as changing the radio, temperature, or drive modes. To rectify the situation, Joe parked his cab, locked it, and waited for five minutes. Upon restarting, everything returned to normal. He noted that this occurrence was a minor inconvenience, something that is reportedly common with many new EV cars and vans.

Joe's testimony sheds light on the growing acceptance and practicality of electric vehicles within the taxi industry. His achievements in terms of mileage and reduced fuel consumption demonstrate the long-term positive impact that EVs can have on both the environment and the livelihoods of taxi drivers.


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