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Licensed Bolsover taxi drivers have six months to install working CCTV in all vehicles

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Licensed taxis in Bolsover District will now be required to have working CCTV in their vehicles.

Bolsover District Council is rolling out the measures for taxis licensed in this area over a six month period.

The CCTV system aims to provide a safer environment for both the passengers and driver by:

  • deterring and preventing the occurrence of crime

  • reducing the fear of crime

  • assisting the Police in investigating incidents of crime

  • assisting insurance companies in investigating motor vehicle accidents.

Bolsover District Council’s Chair of Licensing, Councillor Ray Heffer, said: “We have taken this step to protect both residents and drivers by ensuring taxis have CCTV. If you choose a taxi which is licensed by Bolsover District Council you know you have an extra safety measure within that taxi.

“This step helps up to safeguard our residents and taxi drivers and gives peace of mind to anyone using Bolsover District Council licensed taxis.”

The Department for Transport have issued guidance stating that the use of CCTV can provide a safer environment for the benefit of taxi/private hire vehicle passengers and the Health and Safety Executive list the installation of CCTV with visible signage as a successful measure to improve safety.

A list of Bolsover licensed taxi firms will be published on the following website:


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