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Liverpool City Council crackdown on illegal parking at Victoria Street taxi rank

Image credit: LCC Licensing (X)

Liverpool City Council (LCC) and Merseyside Police have initiated a firm response to the persistent issue of illegal parking on Victoria Street's taxi rank.

In a move aimed at clearing obstructions on the working ranks, authorities have begun issuing warning notices to vehicles unlawfully occupying spaces designated exclusively for LCC-licensed taxis.

The enforcement action highlights the regulatory rules that only taxis licensed by the LCC and actively ‘plying-for-hire’ are allowed to use these ranks. This measure seeks to alleviate the congestion and chaos frequently reported by taxi drivers, particularly during busy weekend periods.

A taxi driver, expressing relief at the council's intervention, highlighted the severity of the situation. They described the disruption caused by private hire vehicles, claiming many park opposite the official ranks awaiting fares, negatively impacting both licensed taxi drivers and the public.

A Liverpool City Council (LCC) Licensing spokesperson said: “Licensing  and Merseyside Police Officers have issued warning notices on vehicles illegally parked on Victoria St Taxi Rank advising  owners that their vehicle can be removed due to the obstruction caused. Only LCC Taxis plying for hire are permitted to use the taxi rank.”

A taxi driver responded: “It’s about time this was dealt with. Every weekend it’s chaotic on Victoria Street with cabs ranking up on the main road because they can’t access the rank. Opposite on the other ranks, private hire vehicles sit waiting to pick up illegally and rob people and worse.“


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