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Liverpool taxi driver faces action for St Patrick's Day signage breach

Image credit: Liverpool City Council Licensing

Liverpool City Council revealed a taxi driver is set to be reported following an incident during the St Patrick's Day festivities.

According to a Licensing spokesperson, the driver disregarded traffic regulations by entering a one-way street in the wrong direction on Fenwick Street, all while carrying passengers.

The city’s Licensing Officers, tasked with enforcing local taxi and transportation laws, intervened after observing the driver's contravention of clearly marked no entry and one-way signs.

This action formed part of Liverpool City Council's broader efforts to ensure public safety when using licensed taxi services within the city. The driver now faces potential repercussions, highlighting the council's commitment to strict enforcement of traffic and licensing regulations.

A Liverpool City Council Licensing spokesperson said: “Licensing Officers had cause to speak to the driver of this Taxi during the St Patrick's day celebrations for ignoring the no entry and one-way signage on Fenwick St. To make matters worse, he had passengers in the vehicle - driver to be reported.”


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