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London cabbie and YouTuber Tom Hutley reveals just why driving a taxi is the ‘best job’

Image credit: Tom Hutley

In the latest exploration of the London taxi driver's world, a recent video on Tom the Taxi Driver's YouTube channel, "Taxi Driving is the BEST Job... Here's Why!" unveils the freedom, financial independence, and job satisfaction that comes with this unique career choice.

Tom reveals that being a taxi driver in London offers unparalleled autonomy. He explains how he didn't need to seek permission to take an extended break, a stark contrast to conventional jobs. This level of flexibility allows drivers like Tom to manage their work-life balance on their terms, choosing when to work without any repercussions on their routine or earnings.

Tom's enthusiasm for his job is evident. He describes being genuinely excited to return to work after his travels, a sentiment not always shared by workers in other professions. This passion stems from his deep investment in his chosen career path, highlighting how fulfilling the job can be when one is truly dedicated.

However, Tom doesn't shy away from discussing the challenges of the job. He touches on the isolation that comes with spending hours alone in a cab, pointing out the potential mental health implications.

From a financial perspective, Tom offers an intriguing insight into the economics of being a cabbie. He dismisses the notion that there's a shortage of money in tough times, illustrating that there's always demand for premium services like a comfortable taxi ride.

Tom's video is not just a glimpse into the life of a taxi driver but a compelling argument for the career's merits. It portrays a profession that is not only about driving but about embracing and contributing to the life of a bustling, vibrant city.

For anyone considering a shift in their career or curious about the life of a London taxi driver, Tom's insights are invaluable, proving that this path is much more than meets the eye. Just watch the video below.


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